Close the Gaps In Your Smile

Close the Gaps In Your Smile

Losing a tooth can have a greater impact on your life than you might have imagined. In addition to altering your appearance, tooth loss can dental implantsmake chewing challenging and may affect your ability to speak clearly, in some cases. Fortunately, dental implants can restore your missing tooth and fill in the gaps in your smile. Naples, FL, dentists Drs. Richard and Maria Linden of Linden Dental discuss the benefits of dental implants.

Dental implants replace your whole tooth

Implants, bridges and dentures can all be used to restore missing teeth, but only dental implants replace your entire missing tooth. Implants rebuild missing teeth, starting with the roots. Titanium posts serve as artificial roots and absorb the strong forces generated by chewing and biting. Once the posts are added to your jawbone, they begin to osseointegrate, or bond, to your jawbone. When osseointegration is complete, a lifelike dental crown is attached to the top of the implant in our Naples office.

Implant don't just replace single teeth

Dental implants offer an excellent restoration option if you've lost a tooth due to decay, infection, gum disease or an injury. Although they're often used to replace single missing teeth, they also provide an alternative to traditional bridges and dentures. Replacing several missing teeth or all of the teeth in your upper or lower jaw with implant-supported dentures or bridges improves comfort. In fact, your restorations won't move or slip even if you bite into a hard apple. Implants also won't decrease your biting power as dentures can. As a result, you won't have to make any changes to your diet or resort to cutting hard foods into tiny pieces.

Dental implants help you maintain your oral health

Your mouth doesn't like that gap in your smile any more than you do. After the loss of a tooth, nearby teeth may begin to drift in a futile attempt to fill the space. Unfortunately, all that happens is that your teeth start to overlap. A change in the position of your teeth can affect your bite and make plaque removal more difficult. Implants prevent your teeth from changing position, assuring that your smile doesn't change.

Dental implants also keep your jaw strong by stimulating the bone. Without constant stimulation, the jawbone can weaken, which may affect its ability to support and anchor your teeth.

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