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Discover the Benefits of Dentures

There are more smile advantages than you might think when you get dentures in Naples, FL.

While you certainly have options when it comes to treating your tooth loss, there is a reason people still turn to dentures to replace their denturesmissing teeth. Sometimes dentures get a bad rap but our Naples, FL, dentists, Drs. Richard and Maria Linden, are here to tell you the advantages you can enjoy with dentures.

Maybe you think you know dentures and what they can do for you, but dentures have come a long way over the centuries. Modern dental technology has made it possible for dentures to become a more reliable and realistic way to replace missing teeth. Even though dentures will never be as good as natural teeth, there are many advantages to choosing dentures in Naples, FL.

Here are a few:

  • Wearing dentures can actually prevent facial muscles from sagging. Sagging facial muscles can cause you to look older than you actually are, but wearing dentures can help you maintain your facial structure.
  • You will enjoy restored self-confidence now that you have a full smile again. You won’t worry about smiling in public or feel self-conscious that people are seeing gaps in your smile due to tooth loss. All they will see is a full set of teeth.
  • Dentures restore both speaking and chewing. Those with significant tooth loss may find it difficult to eat, which can hinder patients from receiving proper nutrients. Tooth loss can also affect someone’s speech. Fortunately, dentures can improve all of these issues.

Besides the benefits listed above, you’ll also enjoy getting a restoration in just a couple of visits. Other options, like dental implants, can take up to a year to get. But in just three visits, you too can get a full set of teeth.

And if finances have you stressed out about your upcoming dental treatment, note that dentures are one of the most affordable ways to replace your teeth. Other options may last longer or offer other advantages, but dentures are also kind to your wallet.

Do you have questions about getting dentures? Want to find out if they are right for you? Then it’s time you called Linden Dental in Naples, FL, to schedule your cosmetic consultation and see if dentures can improve your smile.