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Fixing Dental Gaps

When it comes to dental matters, losing a tooth is one of the most distressing situations to deal with. It can leave you with a gap not only inDental Gaps your smile but also in your confidence. After a tooth is pulled or lost due to an unexpected injury, some patients resign themselves to living with a large dental gap forever. But this isn’t necessary thanks to a treatment called dental implants, which is available at Linden Dental in Naples, FL.

Gap Problems...
Living with a tooth-sized gap has implications that reach beyond just aesthetic concerns. It also makes it more challenging to bite down on food and break it down properly before you swallow. Large pieces of food can also get stuck in the gap, which if not removed promptly and regularly could lead to gum infections over time.

Fixing Your Gap
The best way to fix a dental gap is to have your Naples dentist install dental implants. Implants are superior to other replacement options for a number of reasons:

- The new tooth is firmly anchored in your mouth so there’s no risk of it falling out by accident.
- There’s no need to do any work on other adjacent teeth.
- The replacement “tooth” is made of a biocompatible titanium material that integrates well with your bone tissue.
- The dental crown used on top of an implant is usually made of porcelain, one of the most resilient and tooth-like materials available in dental medicine.

Get Your Smile Back
Your smile doesn’t have to include a large gap forever. You can get it back in just a couple of dentist appointments. This is what you can expect when you visit the dentist to inquire about implants:

- A full review of your dental history and examination of the condition of your bone tissue.
- A bone grafting procedure if necessary to add new bone tissue to the socket before implantation.
- A dental visit will be set to install the titanium implant. After this appointment, you will wait a few months for the device to heal in place so that a permanent crown can be added.

Start with a Consultation
Filling in dental gaps starts with one phone call to Linden Dental in Naples, FL. Call 239-593-0777 today to schedule an appointment with Drs. Richard and Maria Linden.