How Dental Implants Improve Oral Health?

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How Dental Implants Improve Oral Health?

Find out the many benefits that getting implants affords your smile.

Dealing with tooth loss and trying to figure out which restorative option is the best one for your smile? Sitting down and talking to your dental implantsNaples, FL dentists Drs. Richard and Maria Linden will certainly go a long way to determining whether implants are the best option for you. Here are just some of the ways that getting implants can improve your smile.

Increased Resilience

A smile that has missing teeth is certainly much weaker than a full smile. Once you get implants you can enjoy renewed strength and durability. The implant is made from formidable titanium and naturally fuses together with the jawbone to become one. This means that you’ll have a restoration that acts just like a real tooth. No other tooth replacement option offers the same benefit.

Protect Your Other Teeth

Implants won’t require your general dentist in Naples, FL to alter any of your natural teeth in order to accommodate your restoration. With dental bridges, we need to reduce your natural teeth in order to anchor the bridge into place. Over time this can affect the strength and integrity of these teeth. Implants don’t need to use your teeth for support so this means less of a chance that these teeth will be compromised or become weaker in the future.

Maintain a Healthy Jaw

Once you lose a tooth there are no longer tooth roots to stimulate the jawbone. As a result, the bone begins to deteriorate and recede. In turn, this affects the overall structure of your face, causing your cheeks to cave in and making you appear much older.

Before this happens to you it might be time you considered getting dental implants in Naples, FL. Since an implant is designed to act just like tooth roots it will also stimulate the jawbone. This prevents its deterioration and even stimulates the growth of new bone cells. No other restoration can boost this wonderful benefit!

Let Linden Dental in Naples, FL give you a renewed smile for life. Call our office today to schedule your next appointment.