Keeping Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Keeping Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Prevent decay and gum disease with these simple, everyday dental habits.oral hygiene

While brushing and flossing your teeth may seem as simple as taking a shower every day or brushing your hair, you may be surprised to find out from our Naples, FL, dentists Drs. Richard and Maria Linden that you have a cavity. While cavities and gum disease are preventable many people still face these problems. Make sure your everyday routine is measuring up!

Brush and Floss the Right Way

While most people think they know how to care for their smiles they may be surprised to find out that their daily routine is missing some crucial steps. Are you brushing at least twice a day? Are you flossing every day? When you brush do you set a timer for a minimum of two minutes? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions then you are already well on your way to good oral hygiene. If you don’t follow these rules regularly then it’s time you started.

Using the Proper Dental Tools

While nothing can replace proper dental technique when it comes to cleaning your teeth and gums, you still want to make sure that the tools you are using are up for the job. Toothbrushes aren’t meant to last forever, so it’s important to replace your soft-bristled toothbrush head about every three to four months, or when the bristles start to fray. You will also want to replace a toothbrush head after illness to prevent re-infection. When you are done using your toothbrush don’t cover the toothbrush or store it in an airtight container, which can cause mold or bacteria to grow.

Your Diet is Important

If you know that what you eat can affect your general health then you probably have also realized that what you eat also impacts your oral health. Maintaining a diet that is full of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains is the best way to give your teeth, gums and bones the proper nutrients they need to remain strong and healthy. Eating a lot of processed carbs and sugar will only send you heading to visit our Naples, FL general dentist for dental problems.

Get Professional Dental Care

Speaking of dentists…when was the last time you visited us? If you don’t come in every six months for cleanings then you could be doing your smile a great disservice. From removing tartar and surface stains during professional cleanings to checking for oral cancer or detecting a potential issue before it occurs, there are many reasons why these checkups are necessary for everyone.

The best oral care is only a phone call away. Turn to Linden Dental in Naples, FL, to get tailored, quality dental care. Whether you need to schedule your six-month cleaning or you have questions about cosmetic dentistry, we are here to help.