How Dental Crowns And Bridges Can Restore Your Smile

How Dental Crowns And Bridges Can Restore Your Smile

Are you ready to find out what these dental restorations could do for you?

Are you feeling embarrassed by your smile because of damaged or missing teeth? Are you dealing with a cracked or broken tooth that dental crownsneeds to be treated? Then don’t wait any longer to get the care you deserve. Take back your beautiful smile by visiting your Naples, FL dentists Drs. Richard and Maria Linden and asking whether dental crowns and bridges are right for you.

What are the purposes behind dental crowns and bridges?

These dental restorations are designed to repair teeth that are either damaged or missing. Both dental crowns and bridges can be made from porcelain so they resemble natural teeth, no one will know that your smile isn’t completely all natural. There are many ways crowns and bridges can boost your oral health:

  • They replace missing teeth
  • They can cover a dental implant
  • They can fill gaps between teeth
  • They repair weak or damaged teeth
  • They can improve the appearance of a misshapen or discolored tooth
  • They can protect a tooth and restore full function (especially after a root canal)

What is a dental crown?

Maybe you already know what a dental crown is. This is a very common restoration to have. Dental crowns are designed to look just like the crown of a tooth. The only difference is that it’s hollow so that it can fit over a tooth to protect it from further damage or to restore its shape. If you’re getting a root canal in Naples, FL chances are good that your general dentist will also recommend getting a dental crown afterwards.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a bit different from a dental crown but they often work hand-in-hand. A bridge is designed to replace one or more adjacent missing teeth. A bridge contains the false teeth that are nestled between two dental crowns. These crowns are placed over healthy natural teeth in your mouth to support and anchor the bridge so that you have a complete smile that is stable and strong.

Don’t let problems with your teeth keep you from smiling. Renew your confidence today by seeing your Naples, FL family dentist at Linden Dental, P.A. Find out if dental crowns and bridges are right for you.