Preparing for Your Root Canal Treatment

Preparing for Your Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy is usually at the top of the list when treating severe tooth decay cases, in which the cavity has penetrated the tooth pulp, resulting in severe pulp infection. The following guidelines will help make certain that your root canal here at Linden Dental, P.A. in Naples, FL, with your dentist Dr. Richard Linden or Dr. Maria Linden, will go smoothly.

Stop and/or Take Medications

Depending on your dentist’s preferences, you may be given oral painkillers that you may need to take several hours before your root canal. You may also be asked to stop taking certain medications that might interfere with the procedure or healing process. You should likewise ask what anesthesia you’ll be given and its side effects. Lastly, make sure to take all the medications as instructed by your dentist.

Refrain From Drinking Alcohol

Don’t drink alcohol at least a day before your root canal treatment. Alcohol could make your mouth extra dry and make the root canal more complicated than it should be. Alcohol can also interfere with medications and slow down the healing process, so refrain from partaking during your recovery as well.

Stop Smoking

This applies before and after the root canal. Like alcohol, smoking significantly slows down the recovery process. If you must smoke, safeguard your tooth by placing a wet cotton ball on top.

Eat Before Your Root Canal

Because you’ll be given anesthesia, eating for several hours after the procedure isn’t possible. Make sure to eat nutritious food several hours before the root canal so your body is stocked with useful nutrients to kick-start your recovery.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

We value clear and open communication here in our Naples, FL, office so don’t be hesitant to ask your dentist anything, even if you think your question inconsequential.

Get Ample Slumber Before and After Your Root Canal

Keep in mind that the human body is designed to repair itself during sleep so getting sufficient sleep is vital before and after root canal therapy. This is among the most effective and easiest ways to hasten the healing process.

Remember, you are a crucial part of your dental team, which means that the specific steps you do and don’t do before and after your root canal could help improve its results and your comfort.

For Advice, Concerns, or Questions About Root Canal Therapy, Speak to Us

Arrange a meeting with your dentist here at Linden Dental, P.A. in Naples, FL, with your dentist, Dr. Richard Linden or Dr. Maria Linden, by dialing (239) 593-0777.